Fequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Business Questions

How Long Have We Been In Business?

Over 40 years, we ship residential and commercial projects all over the country!

We Offer Samples To Be Sent To You!

You can order a sample for a charge, the charge simply covers the cost of the shipping

Where Are We Located?

Dallas, Texas / Ennis, Texas /  Tolar, Texas

Can You Pick Up At Our Locations?

Yes with the proper vehicle

Can I Get A Sample Sent To Me?

Yes you can order a sample for a charge. The charge simply covers the cost of the shipping

how do we ship you thin brick?

We get the order ready, crate it and usually ship by LTL (less than Truckload) with a lift gate so they can unload your pallets on-site with a pallet jack. The freight company will call you to schedule a delivery time. Once the pallets leave our yard we have no control over when the delivery will take place.

how do i install my thin brick?

Watch several videos online (“google thin brick installation”) each video you watch has great suggestions and different tips to make your DIY project fun and easy. Or consult a professional tile installer or Brick Mason to do the installation.

Frequently Asked Brick Questions

How old are the used reclaim antique brick?

Used antique brick are 125 years old and come from buildings that are torn down. Once that building and it’s brick are gone (sold and shipped out) we must go to the next building. Each building is unique to its own. We cannot post photo brick from every demo job therefore the photo we post on the web are in the general. The brick can vary from building to building, we try and get as close as possible to the photos on the website.

Once I Have Paid For The Order, How Long Before I Recieve My Shipment?

Usually within 10 days  allow a bit more time if a holiday is present.

Will I Get Broken Brick or Chipped Brick?

Yes it is impossible to ship thin brick with out some getting broken or chipped. Especially on used reclaimed brick. These brick are still useable. Meaning they can be used for your end cuts or trim areas leaving your full brick in tack. We also always add extra to every shipment to cover the breakage. If the shipment looks to be completely damaged from shipping do not except the order take photos and notify us immediately.

How Many Bricks Will You Need For The Project?

Measure the height x width, subtract any openings. This will give you a square footage total x by the brick per square foot.

Can I Get A Refund Or Return My Order Of Thin Brick?

We do not allow refunds or returns! Thin brick is a special order item and is simply too fragile to ship to many times across the country so make sure this is the right color of brick, right texture of brick, and make sure your quantity ordered is accurate. 

Frequently Asked Installation Questions

Can I Use Reclaimed Brick On The Patio Exposed To Freeze Thaw Conditions?

Yes and No… some thin brick are recommended for only interior for extreme weather areas.

Should I Seal My Thin Brick When Using Flooring Applications?

Yes always, for example if you spilled something greasy, wine or other staining items it could permanently stain your mortar and brick.

Can I Identify The Face Of The Brick VS. The Backside?

The back side of the brick usually has sawn cut marks and will be very smooth… the face side will have character coloration and maybe sandy depending on what brick you purchased. Used brick will have old mortar or paint

Does The Paint On Used Brick Contain Lead?

We do not test old brick for lead but we do state that antique reclaim brick could contain lead. If it is a concern then you may look at other new brick.

Don't Forget To Clean And Wash You Bricks

We recommend cleaning both sides of the brick, the front side is harder to clean on an interior install once installed and the backside or cut side of the brick might have loose dust from the cutting process still on the brick and must be clean before attaching it to the wall.

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