Material Estimating

General Measurement Units

One Ton                                     2,000 lb

One Cubic yd.                            27 cu ft. (3' x 3' x 3')

Square Feet                                Length x Width (e.g., 10' x 10' = 100 sq. ft.)

Natural Stone
Additional Brick Sizes

Brick Installation tips

Determine which side of the brick should face out vs. face in

  • For a more textured look - be sure the sawn side (smooth side) affixes to the surface and the textured or fired clay side will face out
  • Used bricks will have unique surfaces, like mortar or paint
    • Decide if you want a more textured look or variegated color look

Wash The Brick on Both Sides Before Installing

  • Even though they go through a rinsing after cutting there is always some dust left on the brick

For a Blended Look, Always Pull Bricks From Different Sleeves or Pallets

Lay Out The Brick On The Floor in The Pattern You Would Like To See The Colors Blended When Installed

Use Broken Bricks For Your End Cuts/Corners

  • With used brick you will always receive a few broken pieces but we always add extra to ensure you have enough. The broken brick is still usable.
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